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Bundesverband Jugend und Film e.V. – The German Federation of Film Clubs for Children and Young People

Unfortunately we can not offer our page in English, too, so here is a short summary. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at


About BJF

Bundesverband Jugend und Film (BJF) is the German federation of film clubs for children and young people and with approximately 1.000 local and regional member organisations one of the most active non-government and non-profit organisations for childrens film culture in Europe. BJF provides its members with various services:

- own distribution with 500 feature films in (DVD, BluRay, older films also in 16mm-copies) for non-theatrical / non-profit public screenings;

- for many of these films we offer educational materials that can be used in school and in leisure time projects;

- DVD-label "Durchblick"-Filme with selected arthouse films for young audiences – including complete study guides;

- approximately 50 seminars per year on film for youth workers, teachers etc. as well as for young people who are interested in film;

- informations, newsletters and magazines;

- advice and support all around film culture for young audiences;

- a network for young people who make or want to make their own films or videos. The network provides them with all informations they need to improve their knowledge on filmmaking and to make contacts to others with similar interests, all over Germany and to other countries as well.

With all these activities BJF offers children and young people the chance to participate in high-quality film culture whereever they live.


Neue Durchblick-Titel erschienen: "Bekas" und "Deine Schönheit ist nichts wert" (14.10.14)

"Der blaue Pfeil" bleibt in der BJF-Clubfilmothek (25.9.14)

MIXED UP Preis für das Berliner Kinderrechte-Filmfestival (4.9.14)

Neue Filme in der Clubfilmothek für Kinder und Jugendliche (4.9.14)

Katholischer Medienpreis 2014 für "Camp 14" (17.7.14)


Aktuelle Termine

25.10.14 - Natürlich künstlich! Die Maske beim Film selbstgemacht!

31.10.14 - Kinder- und Jugendfilmseminar zu den Nordischen Filmtagen

21.11.14 - Filmproduktion - Phasen der Organisation und Finanzierung

21.11.14 - 43. Belgisch-Niederländisch-Deutsche Filmtage Hückelhoven

21.11.14 - Begleitseminar Uelzener Filmtage


Bundesverband Jugend und Film
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