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Happy Year 2022 wünscht der IFFS

Bild zur News: Happy Year 2022 wünscht der IFFS


Der BJF ist eines der internationalen Mitglieder der International Federation of Film Societies (IFFS). Der Präsident der IFFS, João Paulo Macedo, sendet Wünsche für das Jahr 2022.

“Dear Friends and Colleagues,

With the end of each year comes a time to balance and evaluate, but also a moment to look forward to make plans for the future. At a time when we are facing permanent challenges with a major impact on all aspects of our lives we are forced to permanently adapt as individuals and citizen organisations.

The pandemic has added problems and highlighted challenges to an already troubled global society. Inequality, climate change, and attacks on democracy, and individual rights are marking the world and our societies. I can hardly look into the New Year without reflecting on my individual role as a citizen, and our collective role as an international organisation.

I strongly believe that our contribution, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, is indispensable: it is from the sum of small things that big changes come about.
I do believe in the human resistance, and capacity of change, and evolution, so we can cope with the nowadays demands.
The present year will be crucial for the future of our organization and our community, when we start the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the IFFS. We, and our organizations, are part of a global community of film societies. Each member and each film society is a nuclear part of this community. A Community of people, thinking and feeling cinema alike: As a form of Art and way of personal and collective cultural enrichment. We work to create opportunities for people to see the films and for films to meet its audience.
Hope to strengthen ties, to bring together and share experiences and projects, and to promote meeting and working towards our common goals.
Strengthen individual identity and share the cinematic experience and multicultural diversity as an opportunity for knowledge and cultural and collective development. I close with a personal thank you to all of those who, committed to these principles, work every day of the year dedicated to the local and global community of Film Societies and Film Culture.
To each one and all, my sincere wishes for a HAPPY YEAR 2022.”

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